Klargg is a stone age influencer- whatever that means... 

Mandy the Mandrake

A collection of comics about Mandy, the most chill mandrake around. 

RON. (2020)

Ron loves his perfect mornings. But something is keeping him from the final piece of the Ultimate Breakfastime. Where oh where did the morning paper go?

Atten, Hut! (2020)

Mari is the Drum Major in her school's marching band- a role she takes super seriously! But even though she's full of school spirit, Mari isn't exactly tuned in to the latest school gossip...

Melanie Tan is an Animation Professional

A series of journal comics

Mel and David are Moving 

An autobiographical comic about moving from Massachusetts to California

A Comic about a Grocery Store 

An autobiographical comic about working in a grocery store during the COVID-19 pandemic.